Sunday, August 23, 2009


Music: Harris Jeyaraj

Ada dada

Composed by reducing the tempo of the song “arakonathil arambam” of ‘Arasatchi’ and fusing it with rap, this song sung by premji has nothing new to offer.
Can Bombay Jeyshri sing only in this style? Or is it Harris’ proven inability to extract talent? This song sounds every bit like “sakiye” of ‘Dhaam Dhoom’. The sadness in the song is so sober that, it irritates the listener at one point; so does the Chinese like humming.

En anbe

Just because Harris composed an original tune for the movie ‘Munna’, why are we given the same tune time and again? Sadana Sargam takes you to heaven the same way she did with “manasa” the original version. The fusion between guitar and piano and later with drums is gratifying to say the least.

Ivan udaiyum

Supposed to be the introduction number for the protagonist of the film, the song is similar to ‘oru mugamo’ of “Bheema”. Hariharan tries to save the below average composition at vain.

Pal papali

The song starts off like “vadiyama jakama” of ‘Thirumala’ and then shifts to “edhuku pondati” of ‘kizhuaku chemayile’ for the two saranams. It’s another ‘why should I listen to this song?’ number from Harris.

Harris Jeyaraj in his silver jubilee album has become nostalgic than usual, as a result keeps on revisiting his previous compositions often. Recording style and mixing has always been Harris’ forte and he proves that here too with soft sounds. But are they enough reasons to hear songs which come with a big question mark over their authenticity and some irritating tunes accompanied by sounds?

Verdict: 1 ½ stars.

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