Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 states: the story of my marriage

Author: Chetan Bhagat

Krish confesses to Ananya that he wants to be a writer who tells stories that are fun, but bring about change too; and sure enough Chetan (on whose life this book is also based on) has done the same till now with his witty tales which has made India read like never before. Having followers who mostly fall under the first time reader cadre, Chetan uses the curiosity factor of the common man who will die to read any tiny gossip column on celebrities, to openly share his life, treading on a path which dangerously borders cliché and boredom to pull off another successful book solely based on the lines he uses which mysteriously makes us engaged even though we get the main story and some of the sub plots (like how his father is going to be his saviour and so on) and also what message (yes! we have a message here!!) he is going to tell us, at the beginning itself.

Having such diverse readers, Chetan fully realizes his reach and offers something for everyone to relate to and not stopping, plays with it to create witty humours around it; like how he proclaims the tininess of Ananya’s mole near her lips has nothing to do with the space it occupies in his thoughts and how it figuratively displays a full stop when he wants to kiss her.

From the teaser to the prologue which vehemently tells this is all about how two communities faces difficulties to understand each other and when you start to realize half way through, that it is going to end like this and as the fan inside you feels sad as to why resort to cliché for preaching people that we should unite as a nation to great extent, that Krish himself makes fun of the line that they need to make love only for the sake of uniting the nation, he springs up a surprise when Ananya father says, “it’s not about communities. It’s about the kind of people we want to be with”.

Staying true to the disclaimers in his acknowledgment, Chetan shares with us a detailed study on Madrasi(as used in the book), from their affinity to The Hindu even in a marriage hall with the remark – they loved knowledge irrespective of whether they ever used it; to the tough notes in “minsara kanna” song of ‘Padayappa’; to discussing the freedom and aura of woman in south from north Indian point of view in harsh way with reference to Sridevi and Jayalalitha and he uses the funniest situations to establish his characters, like how Ananya, while tearing a piece of chicken leg, explains to Krish about the cultural values of her community and of krish’s as he tells to leave the price tags on the gifts.

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