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Date: Mon, May 26, 2008 at 12:25 AM
Film: Ada

Music: A.R.Rahman

Hawa sun
(Sonu nigam, Alka yagnik)

Resembling 'udhaya' of "Udhaya", the soft tune carries a heard before feel.

(Sonu nigam, Alka yagnik)

Everything about the song seems to be the reworking of 'vaaji' of "Sivaji".

(Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam)

A typical Sunidhi song, but that is the same reason why you may not be impressed by this song, as it's something which doesn't need a Rahman.


Even though like the previous songs this one is also good, the tune being that of "pray for me brother" does irk you.

Tu mera
(Chitra, Sukhwinder Singh)

Falls under the line of 'varugirai' of "Anbe Aruyire", fortunately it's just an inspiration.

Hai dardh
(Udit Narayanan)

The song though not a great effort, makes you get along the mood with major help from the singer.

Ishq ada
(female version-Parul Mishra)
(male version-Rashid Ali)

The pick of the album comes in 2 versions. While the male version is more of fun, the female version has more depth. Rahman again proves his talent in blending sufi and western music.

Muje milo
(Alka yagnik, Jayachandran)

Structured on the theme of "Kanathil muthamital", it is also inspired from the saranam of the song 'iniji idhupazhagi' which again was inspired from a R.D.Burman number. Rahman always hides his inspirations by rendering the notes in high pitch, this time it hasn't worked much. Yet the listeners instantly forget these resemblances as the song progresses.

Before judging one should remember that these songs were under the pile for 4 years. The uncertainty over the release of the album leaves Rahman every right to use these numbers. But the album having been released, as an ARR fan we don't want repetition. Yet it's a very engaging album.

Verdict: 2 ¾ out of 5 stars.

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