Sunday, August 23, 2009

Modern B'day

Date: Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 11:03 PM

For no reason the birth of a person is celebrated with grandeur across globe. Modern day b’day implies; burnt pockets of designer attires, gifts at midnight parties, establishment of love, showing off status and the list goes on. The hoopla for b’day is a month long affair comprising of three phases.

The pre-b’day phase is the happiest of the lot, with imaginations going wild as to who will do what for you. While the level of expectations on the loved ones reaches new heights, a special track runs on the mind as to how will “that” special person surprise you, and if not into relationship how to vow that person on that day.

The D-day begins at midnight-cell phone time, with the network fighting out to give the first connection and the winner declared the new best friend for the coming year. Not trusting the network, some even turn up at your place for the cake smashing ceremony followed by the religious event called b’day bumps. With the clich├ęd lines rendered and sleep visited by, the real day begins with gifts and wishes pouring in. It’s a day were you paint the town red with the money collected from relatives you never cared to visit any other day in the year.

The most interesting part is the post-b’day syndrome. It’s the phase where you show your attitude towards the “withholders”. It’s also here that you realise whom you miss and who loves you, in short understand emotions better.

While this is the standards of the b’day month, some really use this occasion to do something worthwhile, like going to an orphanage or any other help centre and do what they can in their own small way and give them moral support.

So (sorry guys) if you are going to celebrate a day just because you were born on that day, think again, because birth is old news; add beauty to that special day, reinvent that day in your own way and if possible bring meaning to it.

“It’s what you do that defines you and not what you are” C.Nolan

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