Sunday, August 23, 2009


Date: Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 10:30 AM

The instant I intend to put a mark on this scrap, random images come through my mind- representing emotions, that I might never comprehend; emotions that I went through with, for and because of someone.

It started off with a small favour that I thought would do for a senior: should thank vinod for showing me the girl who keeps her foot only at home and college campus. Friendship might start from unknown quarters, and thus started an emotional roller coaster which has its ups and downs and not to forget the u-turns; a friendship that grew step by step as we took each step to reach home. The vulnerable age helped nurture the relationship with the meaningless flirts, unbearable mokais and remarkable compliments: how can I forget one of the best testimony I received in orkut. The age of orkut and yahoo shifted to sms’ and phone calls. Life I guess is a wave form and we were reaching the crest then: what with the movie outings, frequent visits to home, jobless conversations, songs and movie transfer to recollect a few. Someone told me boys and girls will always have rows no matter how socially compactable they are regardless of the understanding of each other. Blame it as error, irresponsible act or like I term it unknown mistake our relationship reached the trough soon only to rise above again.

In my understanding, I term you as an understandable mystery aka the ocean– mystery because you are calculative: you do things based on what you need; not a measure either way, bordering never outgoing for nothing. Like the ocean, which creates storms at the top and is cool underneath, underneath your cool carefree dudettes image there is present multiple layers, of which I cant forget your sadness coming out of your image on missing a friend. I also experienced your helping nature when you invited me to HSB. Having seen that, I found that, there are many other facets too, like your skill at artwork, painting, and business. In all this, the way you maintain your cool, regardless of the results which might come either way should be appreciated.

And thus I re-lived those years- those moments and I hope you will too, no matter how bad my writing is because, I now believe this book is meant to speak to the heart.

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