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Date: Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 12:33 AM

Film: Ghajini
Music: A.R.Rahman

Guzarish (Javed Ali, Sonu Nigam)

The song of the album, Guzarish has got great fusion of mandolin and the electronic sound of the keyboard followed by Sonu's enchanting humming. The use of electric guitar as background is shear intelligence. Javed treats our ears by singing those complex notes in an elegant manner.

Aye bachu (Suzanne)

Suzanne starts of great with the threatening lyrics but slips a bit while rendering "jhoom le jhoomjhama" mainly due to out of sync note and lyrics there. Apart from that part this all girl band kind of song packs in all the rock needed to make the song enjoyable.

Kaise mujhe (Benny Dayal, Shreya Ghosal)

A typical high pitched Rahman number we often listen rendered competently by Benny, unfortunately after Shreya joins him one would feel he could have done better. Was it because he sends out so much air while singing? Though not a great song mainly due to the lyrics, it sure is soothing to the ears.

Behka (Karthik)

Rahman at his experimental best has tried to fuse modern day Jazz with hip hop here. This funky number has the most entertaining yet romantic lyrics in this album which has been rendered sincerely by Karthik especially the finale. In the era of plagiarism, it is encouraging to see Rahman mention in the CD that he has licensed some sample tunes for using in this song.

Latoo (Shreya Ghosal)

Rahman plays to the gallery and how he does that in style can only be known only after hearing the song. Shreya sings with great zeal and carries a punch in her diction adding to the fun factor. One can feel her enjoying herself while singing. The Punjabi flavour adds variety to this great song.

Kaise Mujhe(Instrumental)

If anyone was not happy with the original version, this instrumental will more that satisfy them. Great orchestration especially when the tune is being played in flute and piano. The humming by chorus elevates the beauty of the song.

After four big hits this year, Ghajini is the first album for Rahman in a masala entertainer after a long time. The songs of this album do take time to sync in even by Rahman standards (which usually needs 2-3 times listening) but carry the Rahman stamp all over even while he tries the Pritam and Vishal Shekar style in Latoo. An album worth listening to for the variety it provides.

Rating: 3/5

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