Sunday, August 23, 2009

An entity called God

Date: Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 8:06 AM

Music is the most powerful way to express. It has destroyed empires, empowered minds, but most importantly made people think. We, of all the people know what music means: a symbol of and for everything. Believed to be created by God himself to reach Him, music has catapulted many into doing the unthinkable. Science accepts the existence of something only after expressing the unknown in terms of the known in a well known equation. When one is yet to know what is unknown how one can believe. Science accepts that music can do wonders to a person. It ascertains that music can touch the brain like no other thing known does, thus creating an ambiguity. When ambiguity prevails, questions do arise. The questions increase when the ambiguity is acknowledged. Music acts as a slow poison which intoxicates the mind; it teaches you, it entertains you, it inspires you and most importantly it surprises you. Music thus is a driving force. While modern belief falsely portrays God as the magician, scholars have always portrayed God as someone or something which is beyond the control. Who advises the mind to be calm when it hears a nightingale? Science says frequency does the trick. But how are all these designed? Theist jump into conclusion that the unknown, the beyond control element as God. Mind needs reasons; reasons are born only when there are unknowns. Music can only be music if it's created from the sub-conscious mind. Sub-conscious mind is something which is out of control. Then is sub-conscious mind God? If someone controls the sub-conscious mind will he become God? Is music God? Is nature God? Science accepts creation is involuntary; how a creation is created is still unknown. If this unknown is solved then God is solved. But how do you know it's solved even after solving it?


  1. Ooh..complicated! :)

    The best and worst part about these things is that no one is right, at least for now and hence, it is all a matter of trusting our own logic and instinct as dictated and shaped by many factors up to this point in life.

    So, the way I see it, I think it is all a matter of energy equations. Music is energy, the mind is energy, thought is energy. One energy can shape and influence the other. And God, must the most powerful source of energy in the universe of which we are all mere parts. Just my opinion.

  2. ah its a pleasant surprise n little embarassing to have gone back to these older posts. ironically i dont remember how n whn i wrote this :-) d date n time mentioned here as always are of little help.

    comin to ur reply - since u termed god n others as energy let me move forward in tht dir.

    lets just assume we are made of ever growin energy pockets inside us. each needs a special impetus to be unleased. while smile, encouraging/discouragin words etc cld active specific pckts, music is understood to b able to have a strange reaction in a lots of these pckts. but d ques really how.


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