Sunday, May 9, 2010

Switching OFF in time, Saves more than 9!

As the hero refrains from fury and controls his anger, he flexes his arms and wroom goes the engine bursting all his pent up anger through the smoke that comes out of the muffler. The wroom sound is often shown used as a gesturing sound as a beautiful girl crosses the signal. While the movies set such poor examples using their Demi Gods, we in real life wait in the signal for that special girl to cross over so that our newly tuned engine can conduct a symphony. Do we for once realize how much of our resources go waste while idling? Heck we don’t even switch off the engine while waiting for a long time in the traffic signal. As I was crossing through a pile of engines all emitting dangerous gases in a signal I noticed few MTC buses doing something radical. Curious, I then started noticing every time at longer signals the MTC buses switching off their engines religiously. I first thought it was driver initiated and went up to a driver to congratulate him. Then did I come to know about the other side of MTC which has till now been shown drenching the air with black smoke in our movies. The MTC for sometime have been giving incentives and awards to driver/conductor whose bus have the highest fuel economy and give pointers as to how to achieve them: switching off the engine is one such. While the organization is very particular in maintaining the 5 kmpL mark there by bringing a standard, it penalizes people who come below the threshold. The driver tells me the fuel economy is calculated every night and the awards are distributed on Independence Day or republic day. When people driving BSIII engines can do such a deed and be socially responsible it’s high time people driving BSIV engines using their cars stop worrying about starting problems and reduce their carbon foot print.


  1. Wow really? i didnt know that!

  2. thats gud...i feel chennai is getting better everyday...

  3. wow.. i had no idea they had such an initiative.. as you mentioned.. even i had noticed off late that they do switch off the engine.. good to know they r doing this and the govt. is supporting them in the right way.. Kudos to MTC..


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