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Date: Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 11:46 PM
Film: Saroja
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

(Haricharan, Naveen, Rahul Nambiar)

Yuvan has gone for heavy mixing of his past compositions in this song. The song starts like “kannai vitu” and shifts to “yededho” both from ‘Pattiyal’. He has also used “ayiram jannal vidu” of ‘Vel’ at parts. The instruments are the standard ones we hear in a song based on friendship. On the contrary the song has a breezy and soothing feel attached to it, which makes it hum able.

Kodana kodi.
(Mohammad Aslam, Ranina, Kavi)

Heavy mixing of tunes continues to this number as well. This song is based on “Cheli chamaku chamaku” of ‘Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule’. The instrument arrangements and notes are similar to what was used for “Billa”. The tune also reminds us of various Illayaraja’s compositions. But the energetic punch given to the song seems to have done the trick. It easily becomes the pick of the album.

Nimirndhu Nil
(Shankar Mahadevan)

It reminds us of various songs of Yuvan. The orchestration is also nothing to rave about. On can’t find any reason to like this number.

My Life

Though a decent effort, the authenticity of the composition remains a big question. The sound quality is very poor as well.

Aaja Meri Soniye
(Vijay Jesudas, S.P.B.Charan, Prem G Amaran)

One of the saturated tunes of Indian music industry has been used here. The lyrics are very ordinary as well. Nevertheless the song carries a melodious feel which makes it passable.

Cheeky Cheeky
(Yuvanshankar Raja, Matilda, Nirdhiya)

Heavily inspired by various English albums, the psychedelic sounds mixed with futuristic sounds, used in this song leave an impression.

Yuvan as usual has been inspired by various albums to create the audio track of Saroja. Few songs do strike a cord with the listener. But it is not enough to create a worthy album, especially when the authenticity of those songs remains an unanswered question.

Verdict: 2 stars. (For the humming factor the songs has with it.)

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