Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To those liberators with Kolaveri

Not so long ago came a song that marched into the lives of every citizen of this virtual world, the minute it went online. Before people could fathom what the fuzz was all about, what the lyrics meant, what language it was based on, it jelled into our lives like the dress we wear every day. Be it sarcasm, anger or disappointment, the catch phrase of the song became the cue for all and sundry.  

When something out of the blue gets a standing ovation there is bound to be a group for stripping everything off from it. Little did it realise that the whole world was wearing the dress of rage.  Soon enough, the active world which fights over inconsequential issues, got neck deep in a debate to decide on the sanctity of everything it couldn’t preserve in reality. The saviours of tamil, music, culture and most importantly woman freedom couldn’t get enough of the controversy.  While I loved the quirky style of the song (yes I believe it is a song – after all we did accept even a tribal grumbling as a song) it was amusing to see how hatred was spreading around it. Was it because a lean chalk piece of a man with no great looks, but with all the luck by chance, got catapulted to superstardom by just rambling about for 3 ½ minutes? Or was it out of anger at the deteriorating taste of the masses which accepted the daft lyrics and the sloppy tune? I did stick with the latter reason because those who were behind the propaganda were the intelligent fools I respect. I even tried to reason out with them that it is not worth spending time debating on it, that the lyrics doesn’t have a meaning and is just there to produce a rhyming sound & it should only be valued as an immensely entertaining song. But the moment I termed it as an entertaining song, nothing else mattered & the debate continued as to how I can term it as entertaining when it was devaluing everything we should be known for.

To all those self-appointed liberators who are crying foul at how irresponsible the song is, I have only this to say - In a world filled with gold, diamond, Ferrari, people who can afford them still buy fake ornaments & nanos because of the simple fact that it’s convenient & hassle free. In the real world that my dear liberators live in, when their chips are down, the first word that comes out of their mouth (be it a guy or a girl) is ‘fuck’ & not ‘oh dear holy God’. Maybe they can’t understand what I mean, because they are busy ‘lamo’ over the indecent proposals & sexist remarks that are being passed on as jokes in BBT & HIMYM.

So why this Kolaveri on those people when the euphoria surrounding the song is dying down? It is because after a long time I switched on FM only to hear this song.

This song represents everything that was talked against Kolaveri & everything beyond that. So why haven’t the so called liberators come forward to protest against this uncomely song which vehemently proclaims to be the male chauvinist that Kolaveri didn’t plan to be?


  1. Lol. I was one of those who got highly irritated with the song. No, not because of any socio-political ideology as a reason but for the simple fact that I cannot stand hypes about anything.

    Ironically, perhaps, had I been one of the first few to have heard the song, before it spread like wild fire, perhaps I would have been one of the active torch bearers of the song. But maybe I don't like seeing a mass of others jumping over at something. Weird human tendencies.

    As for the song..ha ha. I think we have been having such kind of songs for as long as I can remember. In contrast, I wonder why there are not many songs where a woman sings about men as tricksters. Perhaps because it is a male-dominated industry, or perhaps because women don't usually booze and sing when a man cheats her. She cries really badly, which would elicit a tragedy song, not a sarcastic one.

    Good post! Great language as usual.

  2. true that ... women dont bad mouth about their failure n the ppl responsible 4 tht in such ameteurish way.is it becoz of being surrounded by some wonderful women i dono. but i am yet to see a girl bein this weak as how guys tend to be in these films. but i do have 2 add tht some girls do booze in those situation.

    ps. thnks 4 commentin :-)


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