Friday, December 25, 2009

The 3 letter Legacy

In sink with the tune of the harmonium, as he rotates and leans down only to turn up and face us to give his famous pose which will stay in our memory forever (and am speaking for the posterity too here), the man defined charisma and screen presence which will be tried by the countless SS of his tomorrow, only to prove no one can match his celerity and grace. It was the period of the Man for all he needed to do was to treat us with his innocent angelic smile, a smile which spreads radiance throughout by swallowing the darkness similar to the rising sun. It didn’t matter how much of coy it represented. All that mattered was “when he ordered and if it happens, the poor won’t feel sorrow”. The Man of adages, it was befitting that he was affectionately called the Revolutionary Leader. He promised “the future will come, my duty will come, I will admonish the evil and take to the new path of freedom” just like how he whipped the villains. And the future did come, and he did get his duty. Hands folded to the back, with an askew look filled with smile and the right leg forward ready to plunge, he took the right step forward and took charge of his duty. It was the period of G for it made him a Je (that is how we respectfully call a person).Like he promised, he made the poor smile (even though with short shell life) and the rich smile (for they got “the paper cover”) and he kept on garnering people around him without even trying any out of the way deeds, for he didn’t kick the people on their stomach, thus prevented them from kicking the bucket. But the period had to end. There maybe a black mark in the period but it wasn’t that, that put a full stop in black. It was the twin dot in him that failed making him into a lifeless dot. But a lifeless dot could be a seed too; which once thought to be one in thousand became one in crores as crores of people carried the seed in a procession (which even Dhoni hasn’t seen) and planted the R; the R which was always linked with the word Revolution till the last breathe, for it to grow into two leaves symbolizing Victory.

Three letters, three decades in cinema and unintentionally three wives; M (period) G (period) R PERIOD is (not was) a man who rules the heart of every Tamizhian, even after two decades of his demise.

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