Friday, September 9, 2011

Subversion of the mind

The day I was born, I was kept in a conditioned room because that was the standing instruction. As I grew up I was sent to a place where my mind was force-channeled to a prescribed path set by some unknown person who was being called the Author. I personally don’t know Mr. Author, but he would be my saviour throughout. He saved me from flunking in exams, from getting scolding from teachers, from embarrassments in front of fellow mates and pretty girls in my class, from facing the wrath of my parents, etc. But it was always temporal; I still felt fear creeping behind me, engulfing me in darkness. Yet a sound kept pronouncing to follow the Author religiously if I wish to see daylight. And so it continued; I abided by every rule deemed important by the Author, for he said that was the path to eternal sunshine. The day did come when my path blazed in silvery bright. The Author came in a unicorn and took me to another place along the same path. They tested me on various occasions: 8 to be precise, but I had the ever trusted Author by my side. This stretch was fairly simple. The drills were the same; the instructions from the Author - the same; fears none. The Author has imparted enough confidence in me to face the bright light for eternity. All I had to do was to follow the set rules – everything will eventually fall in place.  

Everything did eventually fall in place. Upon hearing the voice of my confidence, eternal sunshine sent for me. It was my time: time to reap the benefit of years of diligent work under the Author. But as I turned back to look for him, he vanished in the rays by then. Copping the loss, I braced myself. As the sunshine dictated terms to follow I started searching for rules to follow; there were none. It said that I hold the power to make or break a rule; that I should bend its rays to draw power. I didn’t learn to bend a ray, then comes using it to draw power. I asked for a manual, but I was given a goal list. When I asked how, it asked me to look inside to get the answer outside of the box. I searched outside and questioned inside; I searched for the Author and wandered inside. Shattered and battered I realized I was taken for a ride by the Author. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

A girl with a mind - part 1

Traditionally a balloon is used as an amusement object. Twist them; squeeze them; play with them; hell, pop them. Do what you want, for at the end they are tied down for your service. Women too belonged to that lot.

Centuries of being a dignified princess or a glorified goddess or a hardworking homemaker had certainly made women an oppressed group; but for how long? Like a balloon which takes in air as it expands, women too had been taking them all in. However, there is a threshold limit to everything; the balloon should burst at some point of time and so should the woman: eventually they did. Result is the modern day arrogant, self-centered, high minded women. But are they what they are because of their suppressed past?

Suppression is basically energy; how one nurtures it is the key for one’s growth. Some firm their base, some aim for the skies straightaway, but only some reach the sky. The ones with the strong roots are essentially the girls who have a firm understanding of the basics. While they may seem to be of ‘I don’t care who you are’ kind: highly unpredictable & hypocritical, they are simultaneously mature enough to understand the world. As a consequence, they are unaffected by the misgivings of the society. But they could develop a natural disinclination towards others, especially men who doubt their abilities and more importantly their character. After all it is but natural for a guy to doubt women as he is not cut out to be mature you see: how can he tolerate the outgrowth of a person who was below him just a decade back? Nevertheless, the girls who rise above him are the ones who are clear as to what they want in their life. If those guys have any sense at all, they won’t treat this as a race between the two sexes.

While the above lot stand up and face the world, some girls jump headlong into the ‘being independent’ bandwagon. Aiming for the sky straightaway like a ‘climber’ they eventually fall, only to blindly follow what most successful girls do. Inadvertently, they become the most vulnerable in the sect, easily susceptible to dangers from every part of the society – sexual favours being predominant. With just skin deep knowledge on this issue, the society then criticises that in hindsight it’s better for girls to stay at home draped all over. For god sake, if you are going to continue saying, ‘she was like a breath of fresh air’, let her come out for fresh air.

A world of flora is not complete without a queen: the one that eventually reaches the sky. They are the section which is neither vagabond nor high minded. Like the queen of flowers – rose, which is the symbol of love - well-guarded beneath, they may come off as juvenile at times, but when it comes to protecting their well-defined dreams, they turn into a tigress.  It doesn't mean they don't alter their path for the external world. They do, provided the cause and people they do it for, appeal them.

At times when you blow a balloon hard, it might slip away from your hand, free to wanders around. Are women of this generation hard to catch up with? To be continued …
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