Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Westernization of India

An old man with long grey hair once dreamt of a developed nation; a nation that would truly be called a superpower by 2020. We may have to wait 7 more years to know whether we have come close to achieving even half of the tall and ambitious dream, but we all can be certain that we are living the American dream, the epitome of westernization (at least in our perception).

If we take a tour in our streets, be it in the cities or villages, we could see the youth, driven by the glittering stars of the silver screen, are transforming themselves into dandies and divas, idolizing and yet most of the times imitating the stars. Albeit purchasing power being a hindrance, the cheaper clones in the grey market do satiate their quench. But their thirst isn’t just for the clothes, gadgets or the effusing language of the western civilization which the stars emulate; for our streets are now thronged by the world market, while our schools shell out millions of ‘qualified’ professionals for the world to ride over. In reality their unfeigned thirst is the liberty to live life the way one wants to be. That exactly is the westernization today’s youth are striving for.

Cynical people bicker that in the process of individualization (a by-product of westernization), people are losing their family values & sacred culture. Though it is true that our virtues have taken a beating due to the liberalization that ensued westernization, we should also remember that this sacred culture hasn’t been with us from the birth of time. What these detractors fail to realize is that with every transformation there lies a bleak phase. This best way to come out of the perplexed state is the way forward and not retraction.

But the real question about westernization is yet to be enquired by the jeering crowd. Westernization as one assumes, isn’t just about the luxury or freedom; nor does it ask for one to lose his firm base on the holy culture as the mocking crowd thinks. Westernization is the perseverance to strive hard for what one wants. Take our company as an example. When the plant stops due to quality problem, we turn some levers and grind some panels and somehow resume production. Of course we will find a better solution during the weekend, but what is the state of the products that were produced till then? Would that happen in any American or German company?

Deep down, we all are living examples of the motto ‘chaltha hai bhai’. Whenever there is an issue we say ‘let’s adjust’ or ‘let’s forgive’. If someone comes forwards to solve an issue we tell him ‘let’s not strain much’. In reality we only want to live a pampered and cushioned life, but not want to work hard to attain it. In short our sense of priorities is haywire. Until we start aligning our thoughts in the way our friends in the west do, we would never become a developed nation.

This article won third place for the author in his company.


  1. u can go a ahead after writing!

  2. a very good article...but needs a little more depth to it.


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