Monday, June 4, 2012

A little push is all they need: boys & girls

The other day I got a message from a guy, a nice fellow who I got to know through a common friend. The message was about his doubt in one software tool. The moment I read the message I could predict the contents of the next 20 message exchange that is going to happen between us. It would start with me giving an 'I donno much in that area' reply, followed by his message asking doubt on some other function of the same software. When I would dismiss that as well, though dejected, he would crank his brain some more to come up with an intelligent question at least by then. At one point he would eventually succeed in asking something I really know. When I tell him that ‘you just have to click download to get a file from internet’, he would start praising me sky-high for the timely help. By then all my patience would have gone & I would give some lame excuse to escape further boredom. My callousness would surely have deterred him, yet without letting his chin down, he would give some cheesy goodbye line and depart.

Having known this guy for some time now, I would suggest you all not to think on the lines of gender preference here (Being gay isn't wrong btw). With the growing liberalization in the minds of our people, I feel we should accredit the fact that adulation over people is not confined only to the opposite gender. When you like a person, you will want to speed time with them, some way or the other. While I rarely get to experience such situations, almost all girls would have had to meet at least one person with a fake agenda every day. Their pitchers are so poor that the girls either dismiss them completely or enjoy the moment of glorious attention. They basically would be making a fool out of those guys.

When that common friend wanted to seek my attention towards him, I could have easily dismissed him right away as I said above. Having been in the other side of the turf all my life, I know how desperate people could get. It only means whether I like it or not, they would ultimately waste some of my time. I am not going to say that girls should be receptive of the flirtatious people who throng their feet. But, wouldn't it be useful and kind if we could bring meaning to the time we spend with them, rather than be remorseful? Once I realized neither was he going to stop boring me with irrelevant questions nor was he going to leave me, I pondered over his area of expertise that could be of useful to me. When we struck on similar cord, the path thereon was really exciting.

I always believe everyone in this world has something to offer to us. If girls (and guys as well) are hell bent on limiting their interactions only with attractive people who could entertain them, their frigid attitude will let them miss out on the countless chances they get to be with some of the best minds of the world. No one is that lucky that all the intellectual wealth comes directly into their hands. Most of the time one has to seek what he wants. Sometimes it could be concealed beneath a pile of rock. A little push is all that is needed to bring out the gem. 

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