Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What they are? Women they are

Take any guy, be a lover boy or a nerd or even an idealistic person, when he speaks to a beautiful girl, it would come across his mind to consort her, at least for a fleeting second; and in that moment to impress her he gives himself to her. A girl probably does have such thoughts when she chances upon meeting her dream guy. But we seldom see girls stoop to the point sacrificing their self-respect to win over him.
There is an air of confidence that surrounds the women of today; a sense of superiority, if I were to be harsh. However, rationally speaking, their sense of individualism is overwhelming. But how did they achieve it? We had the same schooling; same set of friends; read the same books; had the same teachers; grew up in the same social milieu, yet they seem to be ahead of the majority. There should be some explainable phenomenon that had made them what they are. I could probably write it off, blaming it all on the poor sex ratio that prevails in this nation. But I am sure that is not the ‘be it all’ & ‘by it all’. Granted, they do have the most powerful weapon ever conceived to kill a guy – their physical self, but we are taking about self-righteousness here.   There is probably an ulterior trait which hasn’t struck the peering eyes of the author. It is appalling that I couldn’t trace it to the generic gene lineage theory for obvious reasons as well. As I ponder over a plausible answer, a member from the female fraternity, showing pity, gave me an explanation, which I feel fits the question to a certain extent.

“A girl, as she grows up is educated of the ills of the society: how they treat a woman, what becomes of her if she doesn't go by the common presumptions; the dos & don’t to avoid sacrilege; sacrifices that she has to do as a part of her marriage; in short she is groomed to be scared to death about where she stands in the world. The only solution the she finds is in being fiercely individualistic & independent. By doing that, mostly out of fear, she displays that as insolence.”

If that truly is the state of our women, which I wish to be not true, is a worrying state. What the society does is that, it makes the women go against it; and in that revolt, they may have crossed a line where they are misusing their liberty. But who am I to question their act; moreover who am I to know where the boundary is drawn. They may as well be ahead of the curve. If so, isn’t it their duty to take us with them? Why should they be esoteric?

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