Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Better than the worst - whom do i vote?

DMK’s campaign:-

Candidate: please vote for us.
Common man: why?
Candidate: we have done a lot of good deeds. Kalaignar’s rule is the golden period for tn.
Common man: oh really? Can you elucidate?
Candidate: We built the new secretariat.
Common man: what am I going to do there?
Candidate: we have made rice price rs.1
Common man: it’s above rs.40 in normal shops.
Candidate: we gave rs.2000 per family as flood relief fund.
Common man: when we went to collect, they said we have already received it. The same happened for every family in this area.
Candidate: We have developed a lot of fly-overs in this city.
Common man: what happened to west-mambalam fly-over? Expect aiding your cm to come safely to kalaignar tv office does the new kodambakkam fly-over serve any other purpose?
Candidate: we have kept our promise of giving free tv.
Common man: this whole area didn’t get it.
Candidate: please vote for us.
Common man: why?
Candidate: if you don’t, we will vote for you!

AIADMK’s campaign

Candidate: please vote for us.
Common man: why?
Candidate: because the ruling party is corrupt.
Common man: yah. But why should I vote for you?
Candidate: So that when we come to power we will arrest them.
Common man: anything else?
Candidate: we will give free laptops and all electronic equipments for your family.
Common man: the ruling party said they will give that too.
Candidate: please vote for us.
Common man: why?
Candidate: please vote for us. Thank you.

This is how the election campaign ended few hours back in tamil nadu. The most rampant political system in India has finally found its ahimsa weapon. Violence or emotional blackmail/manipulation are done away with and the new weapon is freebees. The ruling party started with a song lauding about the home people are going to get after Karunanidhi becomes CM. Not stopping there, they targeted the educated illiterates with a whole lot of electronic gadgets. Whilst the ruling party gave a power punch in the first round the opposition did a poor PR job in their retaliation. Everyone in this state knows 2G scam >>>>>>>>>>~~~>>>> TANSI case and yet the opposition lacked the smartness to capitalize on it. In the next round though the opposition did a good thing by roping in Vijayakanth. Theoretically that’s a great move alright. But the ruling party brought in Vadivelu & he reached out to the target audience like no other leader did. He became the ambassador for the party whilst Vijayakanth gave his famous movie kicks to his followers. Round two went in favour of the ruling party again. The opposition then brought in Vijay. But he was nowhere to be seen in the crucial stage. The ruling party swiftly brought Chiranjeevi to attract the telugu speaking population (2nd most spoken language in this state – excluding english off course). They even brought in Rahul Gandhi – the openly accepting Karunanidhi hater. The true politician he is he spoke 'at 87 Karunanidhi is the fittest'. Ironically when he campaigned in Kerala his agenda was to drive away the older generation! Round three, four, five all went the ruling party way. Amidst all this heat the opposition party leader sat inside an AC booth to canvass, while the thalapathy of the ruling party armed with 'munnal munnal vada song in A.R.Rahman's voice' mingled with the people. That was the final punch for you!

As a common man whom do I vote to tolerate? A well organized crime organization whose business & administrative methods is in a league of their own or a short-tempered & at times good intended leader whose party is in the verge of breaking up?

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