Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dawn to dusk; Plead to demand

“Wait coming!”
“I am leaving for extortion. See you in the evening.”
“Pray to the God for a good catch” Sarala pronounced as she met him.

“Where to Sir?”
“The main road. Be quick on it. Have to catch my bus.”
“You don’t worry Sir.”
“Slow down, slow down. The bus is waiting in the signal. I will get down here, itself.”
“That will be fifty rupees.”
“What? … shit the bus is leaving. Here you go!”
“Thank you lord, for giving me the skill to take advantage of people in a hurry.”

 “Sir? Madam? Want a ride?”
“Yah. This is my girl friend. I don’t want her to be cramped inside an empty bus that went just now. Since I don’t have a bike to show off this is the least I can afford.”

“Madam? Today also auto?
“Yah. Take me to my home. Who wants to walk home which is so far that it takes me five whole minutes to reach!”

“Sir, hundred rupees is normal. Petrol rate is high sir. City centre to beach itself will take all the petrol”
“Yes. Here you go. Being an automobile engineer I agree with you. Besides I like charity. It gives you great feeling of satisfaction.”

“Hey guys lets take an auto to the theatre.”
“How much?”
“Sir. 200 rupees. Four people. So only.”
“That’s okay. You see that is just 4 dollars. Besides it’s just 80rs more than the movie ticket. Very cheap. Next time I will tip you too.”

Maybe they aren’t playing the role of thieves as made out to be. Who wouldn’t want perks when you can get it easily.


  1. heyy thats true... these guy really extort money!!! and they say petrol prices are increasing .....

  2. very true! You know, I have to pay 25 Rupees instead of the normal 15 to get home, cause the road is full of gutters.. people might say wtf 10 rupees not something to brag about, but hey it adds up! :(

  3. Nice one! Pretty much the same scene here in Hyderabad.
    Had made a similar post on my blog:



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